Things That Instantly Make People Question How Smart You Are

Sometimes people do things that make you look at them in a whole new light, for better or worse. You may realize how smart someone actually is when you see their impressive problem-solving skills in action, or watch them win at “Jeopardy.” But then there are people who you may have considered fairly smart, right up until they do something that changes your mind about them forever.

A Reddit thread digs into this by asking, “What makes you instantly question someone’s intelligence?” More than 8-thousand responses have come in and these are some of the best:

  • “Subscribing to a political party like it’s a religion.”
  • “When they repeat a certain statement word for word I get the impression that they memorized something to sound more intelligent than they are.”
  • “If they believe in TV magicians, ghost hunting shows, or that most other reality shows are not scripted.”
  • “People who can only argue by raising their voice.”
  • “They aren't open to changing their beliefs when given new information.”
  • “Littering”
  • “Active hostility to books (as opposed to simply not reading them).”
  • “Being confidently ignorant”
  • “Being proud of never having read a book”
  • “Oddly enough, when they try and tell me their IQ.”
  • “People who unironically use the words ‘alpha male’’
  • “Talking about horoscopes. ‘I'm toxic and clingy because I'm a caprisun.’ No, Sharon … The stars had nothing to do with it.”
  • “Supposably”
  • “Having even a cursory interest in what the Kardashians are doing.”
  • “If they pour milk before cereal”
  • “Wheels or a stereo worth more than the car they are in.”
  • “If you have ‘live laugh love’ anywhere in your house…”
  • “Interest in a pyramid scheme.”

Source: Reddit

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