Royals Break Tradition With Coronation Plans

The Royal Family has revealed the first details of King Charles’ upcoming coronation, and they are committed to breaking from tradition. The first big break - giving more of a spotlight to Queen Camilla! Queen Camilla will be crowned alongside King Charles at the royal coronation ceremony this spring.

The royal couple will travel to Westminster Abbey together, be crowned together, and appear on the Buckingham Palace balcony together on May 6. Camilla will be the first royal Consort crowned in nearly a hundred years since George VI and Queen Elizabeth took the throne in 1937.

While this is a huge break from tradition since Camilla is a divorcee, it is not the only break. King Charles will be wearing his military uniform, instead of traditional silk stockings and breeches. But perhaps the most shocking piece of news - there is no role for Prince Harry, wether he decides to join the festivities or not! The coronation is still a long ways off so plans could change. To see the full breakdown, check out the announcement HERE!

Source: NY Post

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