Super Bowl Party Staples Will Cost A Little Less This Year

The Super Bowl is coming up soon and whether you watch for the game itself or for Rihanna’s halftime show, everyone can agree the food is one of the best parts of any Super Bowl party. And those hosting or just shopping for game-day dishes are in luck, as some staples will probably cost less than they did a year ago.

According to a new Wells Fargo Super Bowl Food Report, while overall food price inflation is up 11.8% from last year, prices on some popular snack items are actually down. You can save on:

  • Chicken wings - Thanks to supply being at its highest levels since the start of 2019, the price on wings has dropped. A pound of chicken wings is down 22% from January 2022. This time last year, they were $3.38 a pound, but now they’re just $2.65.
  • Avocados - You can go crazy with guac because avocados are so much less expensive this year. Prices have dropped about 20% since last year, thanks to a strong crop,

Unfortunately, not everything you’ll want for your Super Bowl party will cost you less:

  • Alcohol - Beer prices have gone up about 11% compared to last year, while wine is up 4% and spirits are up 2%.
  • Chips - According to the Bureau of Labor Statisticspotato chip prices are up around 22% from December 2021 to last month, so now a 16-ounce bag is $6.28.

Source: CNN

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