Why You Shouldn’t Make Your Bed Right After You Wake Up

Does your day not begin until you’ve hit snooze half a dozen times? Those who struggle to wake up and those who are on the lazy side may not have a lot of extra time to tackle tasks before leaving the house for work. And it turns out, when it comes to one chore in particular, that’s actually a good thing.

We’ve all heard how important it is to make our beds every morning, but research has revealed a very valid reason for not doing it first thing in the morning. A team from Kingston University in England did a two-year study that finds dust mites - an unsettling 1.5-million of which could be living in a bed at any time - don’t survive as well in the conditions of an unmade bed.

See, people tend to sweat while sleeping and dust mites love those warm, damp conditions in our bedding. So, if you get up and make the bed right away, it kind of traps that inviting environment for the unwelcome dust mites. They just don’t survive as well in the drier conditions of an unmade bed. Now, this doesn’t let you off the hook altogether, you should still make your bed every day, like a proper grown-up, just wait about an hour before you do.

Source: Lifehacker

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