Topo Chico Will Send Your Ex A Candy-Coated Scorpion For Valentine’s Day

If you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with someone special in your life, you only have a few days left to get your shopping done. But not everyone is happily coupled and if a nasty breakup has left you feeling a little stung this year, Topo Chico has a gift idea for you. They’re offering a surprising “treat” you can send to your ex and it’s highly unlikely they’ve ever gotten anything like it before.

Topo Chico Hard Seltzer is selling a real-life, safe-to-eat scorpion for Valentine's Day. This thing is dipped in strawberry guava coating - inspired by the brand’s signature seltzer flavor - to make it nice and sweet. The scorpion would surprise anyone expecting a more traditional Valentine’s Day present and you can send it to anyone you think would appreciate it, or anyone you’re trying to send a message to.

It turns out, scorpions are commonly eaten in the Southwest, so this isn’t as out there as it sounds. Topo Chico is also known for providing Valentine’s Day alternatives, last year they invited people to send a cactus to their exes. This year’s Valentine’s scorpions will be available starting February 10th for just $6.99 and they even come in a heart-shaped box.

Get all the details here.

Source: Food Network

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