Taco Bell Has A Mexican Pizza Promotion For The Big Game

Taco Bell fans have rejoiced about the return of the Mexican Pizza to the chain’s menu since last year and for the Big Game this Sunday a select group can look forward to a super-sized variation. The Big A** Mexican Pizza is “four times as big” as the regular item and according to Sean Tresvant, Global Chief Brand Officer, “Though we’re not officially participating in the big game this year, we’re ecstatic to give select fans in Glendale, AZ, and nearby cities the ultimate Taco Bell experience to elevate their watch parties.” 

Unfortunately, the super-sized pizza won’t be available to everyone because certain Taco Bell Fire! Tier Rewards members were previously chosen to get the item along with Taco Bell swag, Taco Party Packs, Nachos Party Packs, Crispy Chicken Wings, Cinnamon Twists, Hot Sauce, and Starry. 

Other fans ARE in luck because on February 11 and 12 guests can get a free regular-size Mexican Pizza if they make a $20 minimum order through Taco Bell Delivery.

Source: Foodsided

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