How Having A Cat Could Help Your Love Life

Forget what you think about the lonely cat lady stereotype, new research suggests that cat owners are actually doing great in the romance department. A new survey of a thousand Americans who own cats and a thousand who don’t finds that marriage rates in both groups are basically the same (79%).

The poll also tells us:

  • Cat owners are slightly more likely to be in a relationship than non-cat owners (92% compared to 89%).
  • Regardless of their pet ownership status or relationship status, 72% consider owning a pet to be “attractive.”
  • Posting a photo of you with your cat in your dating app profile could help boost success, as 75% of people who own cats and 61% of those who don’t say they’d be “more interested” in someone pictured with their cat.
  • Overall, 70% of respondents think you should disclose whether or not you have pets in your profile.
  • Four in 10 admit to having gone home with a date just to meet that person’s pet.
  • While 40% of cat owners say they’d be willing to date someone who doesn’t like cats, an “open hatred of cats” is their top dealbreaker (45%).
  • Other dealbreakers for cat owners include if the person’s allergic to cats (41%), if they live more than an hour away (37%) and if they don’t have a job (34%), which means cat owners are more willing to consider someone who doesn’t have a job than someone who openly hates cats.
  • Top dealbreakers for the respondents who don’t own cats include if they don’t have a job (40%), if they live more than an hour away (38%) and if they owned a dog (31%), all of which rate much higher than if they’re bad at spelling in messages or don’t own any books (both 9%).

Source: SWNS Digital

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