“Bare Minimum Monday” Trend May Be Bad For Productivity

After a weekend, a lot of people struggle to start the work week as they have a case of the Monday blues. According to a poll by YouGov, 58% of the 4-thousand respondents said Monday is their least favorite day of the week. A new trend is giving people a way to deal with that problem, but it’s not going to make the boss too happy.

“Bare Minimum Mondays” is when employees come to work on Monday, but only do what they absolutely have to all day, often starting the day late after spending the morning on self-care. TikToker Marisa Jo has made the term popular, her videos on the work trend have gone viral and a recent one from last week has more than 670-thousand views. In it, she walks viewers through some of the things she does that make her feel good and slow down Monday mornings, like playing her favorite word game, journaling and doing her five-step skincare routine.

Marisa Jo describes Bare Minimum Mondays as “completing the least amount of work necessary to get by that day.” In one clip, she says the trend is a “rejection of all the pressure I felt on Sunday and Monday,” and prioritizing her well-being over productivity. She finds it helps her cope with pressures at work and with so many employees feeling burned out these days, it’s not surprising that Bare Minimum Mondays are catching on.

Source: Fortune

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