Once Popular Trends That Everyone Forgot About

The Internet is great for a lot of things, like instantly finding out the name of that actor who was in that one movie you liked, and reminding you of a trend you lived for as a preteen, but haven’t thought about since. A thread on AskReddit has people sharing all kinds of those unearthed memories by asking, “What was a huge trend everyone forgot about?”

These are some of those once very popular trends that have basically disappeared:

  • “Does anybody else remember that trend where handlebar mustaches were put on everything? Pillows, shirts, etc. Like, some people even got them tattooed on their finger so they could put it on their lip and pretend they had one?”
  • “Y’all remember Silly Bandz? Those little animal-shaped rubber bands? Those things took over my middle school. Ended up being treated like a controlled substance, which only made them even more valuable.”
  • “If you are old enough, you can't beat mood rings and pet rocks.”
  • “That week everyone was obsessed with sea shanties, for some reason.”
  • “Anyone else remember Koosh Balls?”
  • “Planking”
  • "Hoverboards. Every mall kiosk was selling them. Everyone was getting them for Christmas. People were selling them out of the trunk. I’ve still never set foot on one. They were everywhere.”
  • “Giant wallet chains”
  • “Pokémon Go. I know some people still play. But it was huge when it first came out.”
  • “When people made whatever they could out of duct tape. Wallets, bracelets, and such.”
  • “It's been a long time since I've seen Chuck Norris memes.”
  • “Are we just not going to talk about plastic blow-up furniture? These things were a big part of my teenage life.”
  • “Swing music. In the late 90s.”
  • “Smelly Stickers, my fav was Buttered Popcorn.”

Source: Reddit

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