iPhone Functions You Probably Didn’t Know Exist

Chances are if you’re an iPhone owner you don’t know everything it can do. Handy features get added with each update and here are some that you can try out:

  • You can back tap the phone. Use bak tapping to activate some functions
  • There is an erase text trick. To immediately remove some text you just typed, shake your device and you will be given a prompt to ‘Undo Typing,’ perfect for making notes in a rush.
  • Activate the secret mouse. Simply press and hold the space bar; you can then use your finger to navigate as a mouse.
  • If you end calls abruptly by accident, there’s a fix! Go to Settings, Accessibility, Touch and then go to ‘Prevent Lock to End Call.’
  • You can create a mirrored selfie. In ‘Settings, you visit Camera and enable this option.
  • Set custom sound recognition. This is for those who need some help identifying sounds in their surroundings. The feature listens for things like sirens, horns, doorbells and even dogs barking and alerts the person when one of those sounds occurs.

It’s time to explore your iPhone more!

Source: Huffington Post

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