Tyler Farr And Jelly Roll Team Up For New Single

Tyler Farr says he is looking to return to his roots in his new single, "Country As Sh**," featuring Jelly Roll. The song highlights the message of “what you see is what you get,” and is meant to show what it really looks like growing up in the country.

“When I say this one’s for the ones who’ve been living off blocks…we wrote it for just people everywhere. It’s like, hey, this is for y’all that live in these small towns all across America that, you know, like to get a little mud on ’em every now and then,” Farr shares.

Farr wanted Jelly Roll to be a part of this song but didn’t know if he was interested. But Jelly Roll said “I’m in” as soon as Farr offered. And Farr was more than happy with the colab, saying Jelly Roll “nailed it.” Check out the song for yourself on the right.

Source: Country Now

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