Georgia Woman Roasts Her Dad In His Obituary

A Georgia woman decided to honor her father by writing his obituary, and she turned out a doozy. Halliea Milner held nothing back about Kenneth Joseph Pluhar, Jr. She wrote, “This hard as nails, redneck, SOB finally found something meaner and more stubborn than himself,” referring to the sepsis that took his life.

Another juicy part was about his marriages. “Like every sad cowboy song, he couldn’t stay married, but that didn’t keep him from trying. Again. And again. He had a total of 4 legal marriages (and divorces) and one common law marriage under his belt — that we know of.”

The lengthy obit ended with an invitation to a celebration of life for Pluhar, with free food and beer (“Kenne’s favorite”) at 6 “and people will start talking crap about Kenne and his life around 7,” and asked people in lieu of flowers to “take a trip to the Dollar Store in Kenne’s honor.”

Read the whole obit here

Source: New York Post

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