Lainey Wilson Performs First Song She Wrote - At Nine Years Old

Lainey Wilson's a talent many fans are just getting to know, but apparently the singer-songwriter's skills go way back. While visiting "The Kelly Clarkson Show" this week, the two got to talking about the first songs they ever wrote. Kelly said hers was called "Baby Blue Eyes" - and Lainey countered that she wrote hers in a kind of "battle of the pre-teen songwriters".

"Mine’s called 'Lucky Me.' I wrote mine at a sleepover, nine years old. And she went to one room and I went to the other, and we were like, 'Let’s write a song and come back and share it with each other.'" Kelly asked if Lainey’s song was better, to which Lainey laughed and said, "I mean, one ended up being a songwriter and one didn’t." 

Kelly asked if Lainey could remember any of it - and could she ever, ripping off a couple acapella lines to an appreciative studio audience and an obviously impressed Kelly Clarkson. Check it out here

Source: Whiskey Riff

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