Out Of This World MLB Stadium Food

MLB had opening day yesterday, and the ballpark food was taken to a new level. “Good Morning America” checked out the new food and drinks you can enjoy and here are some of the offerings:

  • NY Yankees: 99 Burger.The exclusive new burger, inspired by the Yankee's star right fielder Aaron Judge, is made with two 4-ounce American Wagyu beef patties, New School American Cheese, caramelized onions, secret sauce, a brioche bun and dill pickles (lettuce and tomato upon request). Yankee Stadium will sell a maximum of 99 of these burgers per game
  • Houston Astros: Pupusa Sausage Dog. A jalapeno and cheddar sausage is blanketed inside of a cheesy griddles cornmeal cake -- pupusa.
  • Seattle Mariners: Chick Chick Boom. This playful new chicken concept located in Right Field has the first all-emoji menu where fans can grab some chicken tenders and waffle fries with bottled water or garlic waffle fries. Culinary Institute of America alum and Sodexo Live! executive chef Javier Rosa created a brand new "Mind Blown Sauce" that debuts on Opening Day.
  • Texas Rangers: The Boomstick Burger. This brand new take on the stadium's iconic 2-foot-long hot dog features a 2-foot Nolan Ryan beef patty topped with Texas Chili Company Chili, Rico's Nacho Cheese and Jalapenos, and crisp onion rings served on a fresh-baked brioche bun. Designed to feed up to four people, the massive meal goes for $34.99 at the Texas 24" stand in Section 132.
  • NY Mets: Donut Popcorn Milkshake. MLB writer Matt Monagan visited the park ahead of Opening Day for a taste of the over-the-top treat and told "GMA" that "although it looks intimidating, it was maybe one of the better things I had all day." He also made a modification, swapping out the popcorn topping for Oreo crumbs, which "although incredibly sweet, went down smooth."

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Source: Good Morning America

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