Kids Write Awesome Resumes For Shelter Dogs & Get Them Adopted

Students at Polk Middle School in Albuquerque's South Valley have joined forces with the Bernalillo County Animal Care Center to help long-term shelter dogs find loving homes. The collaboration started last fall when the animal shelter shared photographs and stories of the hard-to-place pets with art and writing students at Polk.

Under the guidance of Ms. McCrady, art students painted portraits of the dogs while writing students in Ms. Arriaga’s class penned first-person appeals on behalf of the dogs. Each kennel then displayed these creative and touching works, making them accessible to all shelter visitors. Then this spring, Mr. Beverly's seventh-grade gifted class took the project a step further by creating "resumes" for the dogs, highlighting their individual skills and tricks. The objective was to showcase traits that would make each dog a perfect addition to a family.

The resumes seemed to really help, because by May 17th, six of these dogs have found their 'fur-ever' homes. Animal Protection New Mexico Education Director Sherry Mangold praised the students, saying the successful adoptions were due to the students’ "empathy and concern for shelter dogs."

Source: Good News Network

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