Costco Is Adding A New Sushi Counter With A Catch

Your local Costco may be offering freshly rolled sushi according to a new Costco subreddit post that says a new sushi counter will be opening at Costco’s flagship warehouse in Issaquah, Washington on Friday, June 9. This flagship location has been used in the past for new concept testing before showing up throughout the country. The catch is that there’s no official word from Costco as of yet regarding the new product. 

Sushi at Costco in the past was the pre-prepared variety supplied from an outside distributor except for locations in Japan and Hawaii which have sold fresh sushi for quite a while. The Costco pre-made sushi previously sold got some really bad reviews with one Redditor saying “Tried this once. It was terrible…1/10 would never buy again” and another saying “Walk away. Do not buy these they are not good. The rice is way too tangy and the fish is mediocre.” 

Since there’s currently no confirmation from Costco everyone will have to wait and see how the test goes. One Redditor said, “I’m in Spokane, Washington. I’ll straight up drive over to Issaquah now lol” and another commented “I hope they are reasonably priced and will expand to other states. I’m excited.” 


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