People Confess What They Secretly Judge Others For

A lot of us size people up and make assumptions about them because of something they say or do, but we don’t always admit to doing it. A Reddit thread has people confessing the things they secretly judge others for.

A lot of folks are weighing in on the topic, and these are some of the most relatable responses of the nearly 9-thousand that have come in.

  • “What they name their kids”
  • “Whether they have manners or not.”
  • “How they treat complete strangers out in public.”
  • “People crying in front of the camera and posting it on social media”
  • “People who cut in lines.”
  • “Hygiene”
  • “Those wooden signs they have in their homes that say ‘Gather,’ or some sh*t like that.”
  • “Bad driving. No turn signal, tailgating, treating the drive like a race.”
  • “When people do good for others and video it to put online.”
  • “Using words incorrectly: effect/affect, principal/principle, there/their/they're, your/you're, whose/who's, etc”
  • “Not cleaning up after your dog.”
  • “Making politics a core part of their identity.”
  • “People who don't say thank you or please.”
  • “Smoking”
  • “Not being able to be on time. I don’t mean running late every once in a while. I’m talking about people who literally cannot bring themselves to be on time ever for anything”
  • “Letting their kids roam around and destroying things in stores or restaurants.”
  • “People who will whip their phone out to start video recording you and anything else, for everything and anything.”
  • “Dirty fingernails”
  • “Adults who wear pajamas in public”
  • “Fat parents stuffing their young children with bad food.”
  • “If they put their shopping carts back or not.”
  • “When people don’t wave after you let them let them in front of you while driving”
  • “Putting ‘I don’t judge anyone for anything’ on a Reddit post asking about judging.”

Source: Reddit

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