Second Woman Comes Forward With Allegations Against Jimmie Allen

A month after he was sued over allegations of sexual assault by his former day-to-day manager, Jimmie Allen is being sued for sexual assault by a second woman who claims he secretly filmed her during sex, leading her to file a police report, in a new lawsuit filed on Friday. The woman, named as "Jane Doe 2" in the lawsuit filed at Tennessee federal court, claims Allen approached her on a plane in May 2022 and began to pursue her with daily phone communication for two months. They then agreed to meet in Las Vegas, where the woman alleges she was sexually assaulted in a hotel room.

She claims Allen had intercourse with her without a condom despite her objections. She also claims she repeatedly asked him to stop during intercourse - which he ignored. The suit states that "Jane Doe 2" saw Allen's phone hidden in the hotel room closet and it had recorded their actions without her knowledge. She claims she took the phone, left the hotel room and flew home alone, before filing a police report and turning the phone into the police.

Jane Doe 2's lawyer, Elizabeth Fegan, claims she has been contacted by other women who are ready to accuse the singer of misconduct - and she expects more lawsuits to be filed. In light of the second set of accusations, Allen's record label, BBR, has now dropped the artist from their roster entirely. In a statement, the label said "BBR Music Group has dissolved its relationship with Jimmie Allen. He is no longer an active artist on its roster."


Source: DailyMail

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