Squishmallows Are Coming To McDonald’s Happy Meals

If you have a kid or spend much time with any youngsters, chances are you know what a Squishmallow is. They’re soft, squishy toys that come in all shapes and sizes, in the form of animals, like pandas and cats and even foods, like pineapples and avocados. And now they’re heading to McDonald’s as Happy Meal prizes.

Jazwares, the company that makes the adorable stuffies, is teaming up with Mickey D’s for the promo, which features 24 collectable Squishmallows, including exclusive and seasonal designs. Every participating McDonald’s restaurant will have 10 to 12 Squishmallows, according to a release.

Plus, 14 of the plush toys will have a playlist that matches their personality and can be accessed by scanning an included QR code. The playlists are created by Universal Music Group, but the artists that will be featured haven’t been unveiled yet. As for when the Squishmallows will start being included in Happy Meals, that hasn’t been announced yet either, but it’s expected to be soon.

Source: USA Today

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