Here's How Much Dads Would Get Paid For All They Do

In honor of Father’s Day this weekend, new research reveals how much dads would get paid for all the things they do around the house and for the family.’s annual Father’s Day Index looks at 17 household chores fathers commonly do and comes up with an estimated annual salary for each task, based on data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor for similar jobs.

Their study finds that dad’s 2023 “salary” would be $54,996, which is up 4.8% from last year’s total of $52,474. But even with the salary increase, fathers are still way behind what moms would get if they were paid for all their jobs around the house. According to an earlier analysis by Moms would be earning more than $133-thousand for all they do.

The 17 jobs used in the research include:

  • Short order cook - Three hours a week barbecuing and cooking/52 weeks a year at $14.80 an hour = $2309.
  • Chauffeurs - Driving the family for nine hours a week/52 weeks a year at $16.83 an hour = $7,876.
  • Teaching - Helping with homework for 10 hours a week/40 weeks a year at $31.94 an hour = $12,776.
  • Accountant - Handling family finances for half an hour a week/52 weeks a year at $41.70 an hour = $1,084.
  • Landscaping - Mowing the yard for two hours a week/52 weeks a year at $17.92 an hour = $1,864
  • Pest control - Removing all spiders and gross bugs for one hour a week/4 weeks a year at $20.29 an hour = $81.00
  • Dads would also get paid for moving heavy items, auto maintenance and repair, coaching, miscellaneous assembling, plumbing and being the in-house IT guy for all tech needs.


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