Older Women Share Life Hacks They Wish They Knew Sooner

We’re all getting older, fortunately, there are things we can do now to help us down the road. A thread on Reddit’s Ask Women section digs into this by asking, ““Older women: What are some underrated ways to take care of ourselves now, to make things easier when we get older?”

These are some of the best life hacks, tips and advice from women who’ve been there, done that:

  • "If you don’t have the energy to do a full workout, do the bare minimum to get your blood moving, whether it’s walking or doing a quick squat-push up-sit up cycle."
  • "MOISTURIZE every day, head to toe, no matter how yucky it feels. Your old skin will reward you!"
  • "Financial stability is so important. Make sure you're putting something away now for the future."
  • "Keep making friends. My former boss (retired now, in her 60s) has a group of girl friends. They vacation together, go golfing, shopping, dining, etc. Most of her friends are married, but they have prioritized their friendships for decades."
  • "Sun protection! Not only will it help you look more youthful, but it will also aid in skin cancer prevention."
  • "Drink less alcohol and coffee, and drink more water."
  • "Listen to your body. Pushing yourself to extremes does you no favors later. Rest when you need."
  • "Get rid of things you don't need."
  • "Don't be afraid to edit your life."
  • "Preventative care. Go to the gynecologist, doctor, and dentist regularly. Get those Pap smears, mammograms, cleanings, etc. If you can get a skin cancer check every couple of years, do it."
  • "Nurture your old friendships. The older you get, the more precious it becomes to have friends who knew you in different stages of your life."
  • "Embrace and enjoy the body you have right here, right now. You know who thinks you look great? You, 10 years from now."

Source: Reddit

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