Domino’s is adding an “anywhere” delivery service

When you call to get food delivered, you usually have to give them your address. But Domino’s is changing all that with the launch of new “anywhere” delivery through their app. The service, Pinpoint Delivery, will allow customers to order by dropping a pin on the map.

The pizza chain says it’s ideal for “the start of summer,” since people will be spending time at beaches and parks, where their exact location may not be easy to find. While the service is new to the U.S., Domino’s started doing something similar, called Domino’s Anywhere, in Australia and New Zealand in 2017.

With Pinpoint Delivery, after dropping a pin on a map, customers will be able to track their order and see their driver’s location with GPS, as well as get text alerts on their delivery. When the delivery person arrives, the customer can activate a “visual signal” on their phone to help the delivery driver find them.

Source: The Takeout

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