Over 40% Of Americans Don't Know Why We Celebrate The Fourth Of July

While the country celebrated July 4th yesterday, it turns out many Americans have no idea why. A survey by OnePoll asked 1,000 people across the country what the meaning behind Independence Day was and for over half the respondents, the results were…interesting.

  • When asking those polled why we celebrate the Fourth of July, only 59% of people knew it was in honor of “The signing of the Declaration of Independence.”
  • In another question, 45% of people guessed signing of that document took place in 1777 as opposed to 1776.
  • As for the “right to bear arms,” 40% had no idea that was part of the Second Amendment.
  • Meanwhile, only 11% of those surveyed knew that the “right to free speech” was protected under the First Amendment.

But it wasn’t all bad news…

  • A whopping 82% of those asked knew the president was also the “Commander in Chief,” as well as that the “Star Spangled Banner” was the title of the National Anthem.

Source: Oregon Live

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