Nearly A Third Of Americans Say They Can Go All Summer Without Their Phones

It feels pretty amazing when you come close to dropping your phone, but don’t, and a new survey reveals it happens pretty frequently. According to the poll of 2-thousand U.S. adults, people experience an average of 140 moments of “phone peril” a year, including almost dropping or cracking it.

The survey finds:

  • Gen Z is the clumsiest generation, averaging 187 “close calls” a year.
  • The average person has owned their phone for 2.2 years, but 69% of respondents are using a phone that’s partially broken. And that number is higher - 79% - for Gen Z.
  • The most common phone issues people have right now include a cracked or scratched screen (24%), battery problems (21%) and overheating (15%).
  • Half (49%) say they “always” use their phone to listen to music.
  • Over half (57%) are planning a beach trip this summer and 60% say they usually use their phone to take photos or videos there.
  • Surprisingly, a third of those polled claim they could go all summer without their phones. But only 27% of boomers would be willing to spend the entire summer without their phone - the least of any age group.

Source: SWNS Digital

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