Survey Says: Over A Third Of Americans Have A “Sleep Divorce”

Have you ever slept in another room to get away from your partner in an effort to snooze better? You’re in good company, as more than a third of Americans say they occasionally or consistently sleep in a different room than their partner, according to a new survey.

It’s known as a “sleep divorce” and the idea is that you’ll fall asleep and stay asleep without distractions from your partner like snoring, stolen covers or early alarms. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine asked 2-thousand U.S. adults about their sleep habits and found that nearly half of millennials (43%) engage in it, more than any other generation. Gen X is next with 33%, followed by 28% of Gen Z and 22% of boomers who sleep apart at least sometimes.

While the term “sleep divorce” sounds harsh, Dr. Seema Khosla, spokesperson for the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, says it’s really just about prioritizing sleep. “We know that poor sleep can worsen your mood, and those who are sleep deprived are more likely to argue with their partners,” she explains. “There may be some resentment toward the person causing the sleep disruption which can negatively impact relationships. Getting a good night's sleep is important for both health and happiness, so it's no surprise that some couples choose to sleep apart for their overall well-being."

Source: CBS News

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