Here Are The Best Foods To Eat While Driving

If you pay attention while you’re driving, you’ll notice people chowing down on burritos, burgers and just about everything else. Your car can be a pretty good makeshift dining room, but some foods are easier to devour behind the wheel than others and some things should be saved until you’re parked, not just stopped at a red light.

Driving is serious business, but there’s a way to eat responsibly while you drive and these are the best foods to eat while driving.

  • French fries - They’re really best when they’re fresh, so you don’t have time to waste when you get an order of fries. Handheld foods are ideal to enjoy in the car, but you can’t be opening packets of ketchup or other condiments for dipping when you need to keep your eyes on the road.
  • Soft serve in a cup - Eating something like a Blizzard from Dairy Queen while driving may be enough to make you look forward to your commute home. Containers and cups can fit in your cup holder, so you can easily spoon a bite at every stop light and pay attention to diving when the light turns green.
  • Smash Burgers - These burgers are flattened and stay together more than other burgers, so they work well in the car. There’s no tomato or lettuce sliding out, making a huge mess, like burgers from other restaurants do.
  • A simple sandwich - We’re talking about one not loaded with condiments oozing out the side with each bite. A sloppy Italian hoagie, while delicious, is a no-no while driving.
  • Good pizza - The kind of slices you can fold, so the sauce or cheese doesn’t slip off the side. If it’s greasy, it’s not good for driving, so pull over to enjoy that.

The worst foods to eat while driving:

  • Ice cream cones - These take your full attention even when you’re not behind the wheel, as you have to continually lick around the whole cone to avoid drips or worse, the scoop falling off entirely. It’s a ticking time bomb that you just can’t manage while driving, so go with the soft serve in a cup instead.
  • Tacos - The best ones are loaded and you really need to sit down to enjoy one. How are you going to squeeze a lime on a taco while driving, anyway?
  • Salad - You have to hold it in one hand, use a fork to eat it with the other and then you have no hands left for driving.
  • Chips - They seem like an easy to manage road snack, but chips are greasier than fries and you don’t want your steering wheel to feel slick from all that oil.
  • Doughnuts - It’s the messy hands that also make this a bad food for driving. Your hands will most likely be sticky and gross after eating a doughnut, plus, the filling could squirt out with any bite, so they’re just not a good driving food.

Source: The Takeout

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