Things People Did To Get Fired Within Days Of Getting Hired At A New Job

If you’ve worked at a variety of jobs, you may have seen someone lose their job and not known why. But sometimes, people do things while on the clock that you just know they’re going to get fired over and a Reddit thread has users sharing those stories. It asks people to share the fastest way they’ve ever seen a coworker get fired and more than 8-thousand responses have come in so far.

These are some of the craziest things new hires have done to lose their job within days of starting:

  • "On her first day, she came in 15 minutes late, got into an argument with a customer on her first training call, and took the mic and farted into it as loud as I've ever heard a human being fart. We paid her for the full day. Best hire ever."
  • "The first day, her grandmother died. Understandable. The second day, her car broke down. Bad luck. The third day, she had no electricity and couldn’t blow dry her hair. She was told not to bother coming in at all."
  • "I was still training him. I was bartending at a restaurant, and we were doing a deep bar cleaning. We had to move one of those big margarita machines, so a couple of us were trying to figure out the best way to move this thing as it’s pretty heavy. The new guy said he'd 'got this,' pulled out a vial of cocaine, did some, and then bear-hugged the machine and lifted it onto the bar. I told him something along the lines of 'Dude, that was awesome, but you are so fired' and pointed to the cameras."
  • "I had a new hire smoke weed in the bathroom within two hours of starting his first day, not vape or anything but literally lit a joint in the bathroom. Like, bro, my office is 10 feet away."
  • "I worked second shift at a factory. One night, this drunk guy stumbled in through the side door and just started striking up conversations with everyone like he owned the place. I ran over and tried to tell him that he couldn't be in there. And he started telling me he was supposed to start work that night. I finally told him that he needed to contact someone in the office the next morning. When I came into work the next day, the first shift supervisor told me that he was supposed to have a new guy start that day, but he never showed up. I told him that the guy had actually shown up…12 hours early, staggering drunk. In a way, he was fired before his first day on the job."
  • "He came in two hours late, didn't do any actual work, and then asked how long he had to keep doing tasks 'below his qualifications.'"
  • "The new dishwasher told the hostess he wanted to have sex with her in front of the entire staff and several early morning customers."
  • "They got a speeding ticket, 20+ mph over, in the company car picking up lunch for the staff. Day 1."
  • "We all get a company laptop where I work. This guy was hired, deleted his anti-virus, and was caught visiting porn websites on his intro day."

Source: Reddit

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