More On Darius Rucker's Upcoming Album

 Darius Rucker's first album in six years, "Carolyn's Boy," was on the way. Now we have details. The new album will be out October 6, and will feature 15 songs - three which we've already heard ("Beers & Sunshine," "Fires Don't Start Themselves" and "Ol' Church Hymn" with Chapel Heart). 

Along with the announcement came a new Darius track, "Have A Good Time" - and more details about the entire project. There is a song co-written with pop singer Ed Sheeran ("Sara") and a cover of a Rihanna tune ("Lift Me Up") that appeared on the "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever" soundtrack in its original form. The album is named after Rucker's mother, a nurse who passed away in 1992 before she could see her son become famous as lead singer of the rock band Hootie & The Blowfish. Check out the tracklist below, and listen to the newly-released track to the right

Tracklist for Darius Rucker's "Carolyn's Boy"

1. "Beers and Sunshine"

2. "In This Together"

3. "Never Been Over"

4. "Fires Don't Start Themselves"

5. "Ol' Church Hymn" (Feat. Chapel Hart)

6. "7 Days"

7. "Same Beer Different Problem"

8. "Sara"

9. "Have a Good Time"

10. "Sure Would Have Loved Her"

11. "Southern Comfort"

12. "3AM in Carolina"

13. "Lift Me Up"

14. "Stargazing"

Source: TasteOfCountry


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