Scotty McCreery Teasing New Music

More and more artists are perfecting the art of the "social media tease" - clues, vague hints and little snippets of information like a trail of breadcrumbs leading up to their next big project. Count Scotty McCreery among those making a practice of teasing things on their socials.

Tuesday, Scotty posted up a simple graphic - him, a bottle of wine and a red Solo cup on the hood of a pickup truck - and the caption, "It’s lookin like my plan didn’t work out at all.” That image alone had fans wondering if this was cover art for a new single. Then yesterday, he followed that up with a few more bread crumbs.

Yesterday's post pictured a couple empty red Solo cups and a bottle of wine - now presumably empty - lying on the front seat of a pickup truck. Accompanying that image came emojis of a glass of wine, a man's face, and a pickup truck - and some music; just an instrumental break, no vocals - but it's sounded a lot like the opening bars of a song not yet in his catalog. The plot thickens...

Source: CountryNow

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