Toddler Sneaks Out At Naptime & Goes To McDonald’s Alone

Naptime took a scary turn recently for Marissa Phiffer, a Wisconsin mom of three-year-old twins, Aiden and Aleiya. She was sleeping on the floor right next to their cribs, but when she woke up, Aiden was gone and so were his shoes. In a panic, she rushed around the house looking for him, but he wasn’t in the basement, the front yard, the backyard or the neighbor’s yard, where she thought she’d find him.

Phiffer then called 911 to report Aiden as missing and she says the police arrived in “two seconds.” They showed her a photo and the mom was instantly relieved. It was of Aiden, safe and sound at a McDonald’s across the street, where the toddler apparently wandered all by himself. A Good Samaritan found him there and alerted authorities and minutes later, his mom was there to pick him up.

When Phiffer walked in the restaurant, Aiden calmly said, “Hi, Mom!” She says she was too relieved to be angry and when she asked him why he escaped and went to McDonald’s, his reply couldn’t have been more honest, telling her, “I was hungry.” He’s a huge fan of their nuggets and fries, so he wanted to go there and get some. Fortunately, this story has a happy ending and isn’t likely to happen again since Phiffer has now installed child-proof safety locks and latches on the doors.

Source: Today

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