LinkedIn: Landing A New Job Now Could Take Almost 2 Months

If you’re in the market for a new job, you’d better be prepared to wait. According to new research from LinkedIn, it takes job seekers about seven weeks to go from submitting an application to their first day of work.

LinkedIn’s data is based on 178-thousand confirmed U.S. hires on the professional networking site between April and June 2023. It reveals that the average hiring cycle for more senior roles is seven weeks, while entry-level workers are facing a hiring cycle of around six weeks.

  • It takes more than 57 days to fill jobs in many fields, including consulting, finance, engineering, health care, management and sales.
  • The field with the fastest hiring pathway is marketing, which is around 49 days.
  • On the flip side, consulting has the longest time to hire, at roughly 63 days. The field has a reputation of having an especially “rigorous” screening process that includes group interviews and “case interviews,” where candidates have to solve intricate business problems on the fly.

“We could be in a much worse spot right now,” says Luke Pardue, an economist at payroll provider Gusto. “The rate at which employees are being fired or laid off is at the same point where it was a year ago, which tells me that even if employers are a little less eager to expand their staff, they’re also not actively cutting jobs.”

Source: CNBC

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