*LIST* The Most Popular Baby Names In The World In 2023

A baby first recognizes their own name when they’re between four and nine months old. They typically start saying their own name by the time they’re two and at that point, if you’ve said their name just 20 times a day, you’ll have said it close to 15-thousand times. And that’s a good reason to pick a strong name you like.

Letter Solver is here to help with a new report on the most popular baby names in different countries around the world. The word game website did their research in each country’s native language to find local reports about the top names for boys and girls over the last 12 months.

  • They found that names with strong religious links are some of the most popular worldwide.
  • Variations of Maria, Marie and Mia are the top girls' names in 17 countries, followed by Sofia, which is number one in nine countries.
  • For boys, the most popular name in 10 countries is variations of Mohammed, followed by Noah, which is the top name in seven countries.
  • Olivia and Liam are the most popular names in the U.S.

Some of the most popular boy names around the world:

(check out the fill list of names here)

  • Australia - Oliver
  • England and Wales - Noah
  • France - Léo
  • Ireland - Jack
  • Italy - Leonardo
  • Spain - Martin

Popular girl names around the world:

  • Australia - Isla
  • England and Wales - Olivia
  • France - Jade
  • Germany - Emilia
  • Ireland - Emily
  • Italy - Sofia
  • Spain - Lucia

Source: Letter Solver

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