*LIST* America’s Best Small Towns of 2023

Big cities may get most of the buzz when it comes to travel, thanks to their restaurants, shopping and entertainment, but “Travel and Leisure” is celebrating some less-visited destinations. Their list of America’s Best Small Towns has just come out, highlighting the locations for their natural beauty and specific interests.

  • “Travel and Leisure” polled their colleagues, contributors, trusted travel advisors and others in their network of experts to come up with the nominations.
  • From there, travel editors chose the winners in seven different categories.
  • To qualify, each town has to have a full-time population of less than 25-thousand residents, and stand out in its category.

The winners are:

(Check out the full list with runners-up here)

  • America's Best Small Beach Town - Boca Grande on Gasparilla Island, Florida
  • America's Best Small Mountain Town - Highlands, North Carolina
  • America's Best Small Lake Town - Grand Marais, Minnesota
  • America's Best Small Desert Town - Kanab, Utah
  • America's Best Small Food + Culture Town - Los Olivos, California
  • America's Best Small Wine, Beer, + Spirits Town - Dahlonega, Georgia
  • America's Best Small Spa + Wellness Town - Aurora, New York

Source: Travel and Leisure

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