Survey: 81% Of U.S. Workers Want A 4-Day Work Week

When the pandemic closed most offices across the country, many workers got their first taste of what working from home and having flexibility was like. Now, employees want that flexibility, and a four-day week tops their wish list, according to a new survey from Bankrate.

The poll of more than 23-hundred full-time workers and job seekers finds that 81% want a four-day work week instead of the traditional five-day schedule.

  • Of those, 89% say they’d be willing to make sacrifices to only work four days.
  • Just over half (54%) would be willing to work longer hours, 37% would be willing to change jobs or industries, 27% say they would even be willing to come to their office or job location more days or to work fully in person, and 10% would be willing to take a pay cut.
  • More than two in five full-time employees would change jobs for remote work.
  • Nearly eight in 10 (78%) would be willing to sacrifice something to get that remote work, including changing jobs or industries (42%), work off-peak hours, like evenings or weekends (35%), work a job they’re less passionate about or find less interesting (28%), or take a pay cut (15%)
  • More women support at least one option for flexible schedules between a four-day workweek, hybrid or remote work than men (92% of women compared to 87% of men.)
  • About two-thirds (68%) of full-time workers support a hybrid schedule, where they work at least one day remotely and come into the office the other days.

Source: Bankrate

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