Netflix Sets Fall Release Dates For Theaters and Streaming

Netflix might be one of the ongoing writers’ and actors’ strikes main targets, but the streaming giant looks like they’re going to be okay at least through the fall. Netflix unveiled its fall streaming lineup, and its chock-full of series, films, and stars.

Among the highlights are Bradley Cooper in “Maestro,” in which he plays late composer Leonard Bernstein (just in time for awards season) and Zack Snyder’s apparent answer to “Dune”- “Rebel Moon: - Part One: A Child Of Fire.” Wes Anderson also begins his Netflix collab with short film “The Wonderful Story Of Henry Sugar.”

Netflix will also investigate the Boy Scouts in new doc “Scouts Honor: The Secret Files Of The Boy Scouts Of America,” go family-friendly with “Spy Kids: Armageddon,” and get us in the mood for Halloween with documentary “The Devil On Trail” and Spanish horror film “Sister Death.”

Source: Variety

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