Pet Owners Say Taking Care Of Their Pet More Stressful Than Being A Parent

Stress is a part of life we all deal with, but what stresses people out the most may surprise you. In honor of Pet Wellness Month, a new survey of 2-thousand pet owners looks into the top sources of stress, for both them and their furry friends. And it suggests they think taking care of a pet is more stressful than being a parent or managing a romantic relationship.

The poll reveals:

  • Pet owners are more stressed about their ability to take care of their fur baby (42%), than their relationship with a partner (37%) or their kids (30%).
  • About half (51%) believe their pet is also feeling stressed.
  • To help their pet feel calmer, people try spending more time outside (47%), connecting with other pets (46%), spending more time with them (44%), a pet therapist (43%) and changing their pet’s diet (38%).
  • People think about their pet getting older as much as they think about themselves aging (65% each).
  • Signs that let pet owners know their pet is slowing down include less energy (56%), no longer enjoying their favorite activities (54%), and having trouble getting up or down the stairs (51%).
  • Those are all similar to the signs that people are getting older, too, including, lack of energy (60%), joint soreness (48%) and not enjoying the things they usually do (48%).
  • Just over two-thirds (68%) of pet parents say watching their pet get older and suffer would be very hurtful for them, more than losing something expensive (62%), losing their job (61%) or even breaking up with a partner or divorcing (61%).

Source: SWNS Digital

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