Powerball Conspiracy Theories Begin With Another California Winner

In case you didn’t hear, on Wednesday night, someone won the $1.73 billion Powerball jackpot…and it wasn’t you. The winning ticket ended up being purchased in California, which has set up “conspiracy theory” alarms for some. The four largest Powerball jackpots ever have been: 

  • $2.04 billion (winner from California)
  • $1.73 billion (winner from California)
  • $1.586 billion (jackpot split between winners from Florida, Tennessee, and California
  • $1.08 billion (winner from California) 

Are you seeing a trend here? In numbers from 2022, it was found that California accounted for 8% of all Powerball tickets sold. That would mean that the odds of the winner of the last four Powerball billion-dollar jackpots being from Cali would be around 0.004%...or 1-in-25,000. As a reference point, your odds of being struck by lightning are 1-in-15,000. Do with that information what you will?

Source: Barstool Sports 

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