Money Saving Habits That May Seem Small But Add Up

Every dollar counts nowadays more than ever before. Some money-saving habits may seem small, but they add up in the long run. Redditor u/maximum-gas-3491 wanted some of these tricks and asked fellow Redditors for the “little things” they do that actually really add up. Here’s what they had to say.

  • "I only buy out-of-season clothes. I have a $700 coat that I bought brand new for $100, and it will last me for life with proper maintenance. Helps, too, that I'm a man. We don't really do fashion trends, lol."
  • "Selling things we don't use. Selling a $10 item here and there really does add up. It takes pretty low effort, and we save the money for vacation. The benefit of less stuff is even better than the money, to be honest."
  • "When I feel like having something sweet, which is often, I make a mug cake (~$0.36 each) instead of going out and spending $7 on ice cream."
  • When any container seems empty, I used to throw it away. Now I cut it open and get four or five more uses out of it. The amount of shampoo I was wasting was shocking."
  • "The Ibotta app and the Rakuten app combined over the last three years have netted me over $1,500. Sometimes it seems so insignificant to get change amounts back on purchases, but they add up, and I use them consistently."
  • "I make about $5 a month using Bing instead of Google (through Bing Rewards), 11 cents a day for my kid’s college fund through Upromise, and a couple of other similar things."

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Source: Buzzfeed

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