Tree Expert Tips On The Best Time To Buy A Christmas Tree

With Halloween now history, it’s okay to let thoughts of Christmas creep into your head. You might even be considering buying a tree. Most guys have no clue what they’re doing in that department, so it’s a good idea to take advice from those who know a little more about it. According to insiders in the Christmas tree business… 

  • The end of November is your live-tree-buying sweet spot
  • Specifically, you’re talking November 28th
  • That’s assuming your plan is, like most people, to do your Christmas tear-down on New Year’s Day
  • If you keep your tree up later than January 1st, adjust your buying schedule accordingly 

Then, there are these tips: 

  • Shake the tree a bit before you buy it to see how many needles fall off of it…if they rain off…go to another tree
  • Carefully trim three centimeters from the trunk and make sure it’s absorbing water
  • It seems like common sense, but it still needs to be said – keep your tree away from a fireplace or a radiator, when can both dry the tree out…or worse
  • Cooler locations are best and don’t forget to invest in a good-quality tree stand 

Source: LAD Bible 

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