Nearly Half Of Americans Would Take A Solo Trip Over Celebrating Holidays

Millions of Americans will be hitting the road this week or heading to the airport to spend Thanksgiving with loved ones, but not all of them are happy about it. According to a new survey of 2-thousand U.S. adults, 63% will be traveling for the holiday season this year, up from 41% last year. Many will be taking their kids (72%), partner (66%) and other family members (52%) along, and it seems all that togetherness can be a bit much.

More than three-quarters (77%) of respondents admit that by the time the holidays arrive, they’re going to need a vacation. And for 27%, that “vacation” doesn’t include traveling to be with relatives. That may be why two in five (45%) Americans would consider taking a solo vacation instead of celebrating the holidays this year.

The survey also finds:

  • More than half (52%) of those who are traveling for the holidays want to explore the holidays in a new way.
  • People feel like they’re going to need a break from work (53%), their partner (49%), and even their own kids (46%) when the holidays roll around.
  • While seven in 10 (70%) are excited about their holiday plans, 16% confess they feel bored.
  • In previous years, people have spent the holidays at home (31%), a relative’s home (23%) or their partner’s home (20%).
  • But this year, 58% don’t want to sit at home, theirs or anyone else’s, and 16% would rather go on vacation.
  • Respondents would spend an average of $1,514 on holiday travel.
  • The top destinations Americans would be interested in for the holidays include small towns and tropical getaways (both 51%), all-inclusive resorts (50%) and snowy mountains (43%).
  • If they got to choose, 28% would be happier to get a vacation than a physical gift to unwrap (20%).

Source: SWNS Digital

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