Carrie Underwood Shares Photo With Miranda Lambert In Las Vegas

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Carrie Underwood went out in Las Vegas to attend another superstar singer-songwriter’s powerful residency, Miranda Lambert’s Velvet Rodeo. Underwood, who returned to Vegas for the latest round of shows in her own residency (REFLECTION), exclaimed as she shared a snapshot of the stage on her Instagram story: “Mama went out tonight!!!”

Underwood also shared a photo with Lambert — “just a couple country girls hanging out in Vegas” — and a few videos from her performance. One captured Lambert’s smash-hit anthem “Fastest Girl in Town,” from her 2011 album, Four The Record. Another showed Lambert’s stunning rendition of “The House That Built Me,” a heartfelt ballad that appeared on Revolution in 2009. Underwood wrote on her Instagram story, “I’m not crying, you’re crying…” during the emotional song, and on another slide, applauded “THE [Miranda Lambert], people!”

Lambert later shared a photo with Underwood from the night of the show on Instagram, writing in her caption: “Sunday night at the velvet rodeo was one of my most favorites ever. My friend [Carrie Underwood] came to see us and my two best pals [Jon Randall] (and) [Jack Ingram] surprised the crowd and we did a few tunes from the Marfa tapes. 💙🤠👏💕”

Lambert’s residency is named with inspiration from a lyric in “Actin’ Up,” one of the fan-favorite tracks on her latest full-length record, Palomino. Lambert co-produced and co-wrote 14 of the 15 tracks on that project, apart from one cover or Mick Jagger’s “Wandering Spirit.” Palomino also includes “Strange,” “Geraldine,” “If I Was A Cowboy,” B-52’s collaboration “Music City Queen,” and other highlights.

“I feel like I’ve built a career on being feminine and still keeping a bada** edge, and I think that’s important and I felt like Velvet Rodeo would encompass that,” Lambert said during her exclusive iHeartCountry LIVE show at her Nashville bar last year, hosted by iHeartRadio’s Amy Brown. “(Velvet Rodeo) felt like my catalog as a whole, and it’s a line in the new song and it just felt very Vegas to me.

“I’m excited about the level of production we’re gonna be able to do because we don’t do that a lot… In Vegas it’s like, more sequins, more fire — don’t threaten me with a good time! I’m very excited about the ins and outs of the creative process of making these songs come to life a little more on stage.” She continued: “I feel like it’s gonna take the shows up a notch, just from a standpoint of, no one comes to Vegas to not have fun.”

Lambert revealed on Monday morning (December 4) that she’s adding nine final residency shows in March and April of 2024. Tickets to the “last round” of Velvet Rodeo will be available to the general public on Friday (December 8).

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