Kelly Clarkson Joins Brandy Clark For Stunning Duet Of Powerful Ballad

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Kelly Clarkson joined Brandy Clark on a stunning rendition of “Dear Insecurity,” Clark’s vulnerable ballad that she debuted on her self-titled album earlier this year. Clarkson hailed Clark, a Grammy Award- and Tony Award-nominated singer-songwriter, the “best songwriter of our generation,” as the audience applauded the duet on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Clark initially recorded “Dear Insecurity” as a duet with Brandi Carlile, who produced Clark’s 11-track album. Clarkson called it a “Brandy-squared event,” and said she was “so honored (Clark) let me sing on it with her. I’m a huge fan. All I do is word vomit every time I’m around her because I’m such a fan. But I literally think that you are the greatest songwriter of our generation. You’re so talented.”

Clark is nominated at the 2024 Grammy Awards in the Best Country Solo Performance and in the Best Country Song categories for “Buried,” which also appears on her self-titled album.

“I think as songwriters, we get to talk about the things that everybody feels,” Clark said about the power of songwriting in a previous interview with iHeartCountry. “The things that connect us as human beings, and not everybody’s lucky enough to have the gift or the passion to develop the skill of songwriting… I feel lucky that I get to do that. That I loved songs from a young age, and that I wanted to learn how to write songs, and that I write songs that resonate with people, that make people feel less alone in whatever they’re feeling, be it sad or happy. I think it’s important. It’s a storytelling medium, and it’s how we pass down stories through generations.”

Watch Clarkson and Clark perform “Dear Insecurity” together here:

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