Study: How Often Your Ex Checks Your Social Media Profile

It can be hard to let go after a breakup, so it’s not surprising that people still want to know what their former partners are up to and social media makes that easier. So just how much are we snooping on our exes online? A new report gives us some insight.

Research from Reboot Online, a digital PR agency, finds that the average man checks his ex’s social media accounts once every 30 days, a lot more frequently than the average woman, who checks their ex’s just once every 92 days.

  • But some take a peek a lot more often, with 26% of men and 23% of women admitting they do it every week.
  • Another 13% confess to checking their ex’s socials daily.
  • So why are we so obsessed with cyberspying on our former flames? For a quarter (26%) of respondents, it’s because they still have feelings for them. Other reasons include just wanting to see what they’re up to (31%) because they miss them (15%) and to check in on their ex’s family (14%).
  • Another 13% check their ex’s socials to see who they’re dating now and the same number also admit they’re secretly hoping to see their ex is miserable without them.

Source: Metro

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