Company’s 3-3-3 Perk Pays For Any 3 Workers To Go Out After 3 p.m.

One company is paying their workers to hang out with each other and it turns out, it’s good for business. Verkada, a cloud-based $3.5-billion security company, has a “3-3-3” program that lets employees go out together and expense their food and drinks.

Verkada’s CEO Filip Kaliszan recently shared the details of the perk on a podcast, explaining that it started last April and it’s been a hit. With the 3-3-3 program, three or more employees who go out together after 3 p.m. can expense up to $30 per person and there’s no pre-approval required. The only requirement is that they post a photo in the “3-3-3” Slack channel when they’re done.

It’s an upgrade on the traditional happy hour, made better by being enjoyed on the company dime. "The idea is it's the afternoon and three people go out and hang out together, chances are you'll talk about something that's relevant or work-related and ultimately that will benefit us," Kaliszan explains. Company CFO Kameron Rezai reports that all 18-hundred of Verkada’s employees have used the perk at least once and they’re encouraged to use it once or twice a week.

Source: Business Insider

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