Solar Eclipse Chaser Excited To See His 13th At Age 105

Laverne Biser, a 105-year-old from Fort Worth, Texas, has chased solar eclipses since 1963, witnessing 12 in his lifetime. His passion has taken him across the globe, capturing photos of these celestial events, including a favorite in 1979 in South Dakota.

Biser is especially excited for the upcoming eclipse on April 8th because it will be the first time he’ll be able to witness it from his own backyard. His advice to viewers is to watch the entire eclipse, using safety glasses but removing them during totality to appreciate the beauty fully.

Aside from chasing eclipses, Biser's love for the cosmos extends to his hobby of building handmade telescopes, some of which he constructed over 60 years ago. His lifelong passion for astronomy began in high school and continued throughout his engineering career, and he hopes to continue enjoying his astronomical pastime for as long as he can.

Source: CBS NEWS

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