Stranded Norwegian Passengers Have To Cover 7 Countries To Catch Up To Ship

When your cruise ship says they’re leaving at a certain time, you’d better be there before then. That’s the lesson several passengers learned when a Norwegian Cruise Lines ship left them stranded in Africa after leaving port without them. Most of the group was on a private tour that ran long and wound up having to race across seven countries to catch up to their ship at the next port…all except one.

The exception was an elderly woman who had a stroke and was sent to a local hospital; she was also left behind. All of the people’s belongings and cash were still on the ship, but one couple had a Visa card with them and used it to pay for everyone to make the trip to catch up with the ship…and arranged to fly the elderly woman home.

The company says it’ll be reimbursing the passengers for their expenses.

Source: New York Post

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