2024 Healing Field of Honor - Memorial Day Weekend at Handley High School

The Rotary Club of Winchester's 2024 Healing Field of Honor will be on display Memorial Day Weekend at Handley High School. Over 1,000 American flags will be on display.

Each U.S. flag represents an individual and tells a story. Flags may be sponsored to honor individuals currently serving in our military, veterans, first responders, heroes in our lives, and hometown heroes. They will fly in tribute to heroes who have earned our gratitude though their service and sacrifice. This unique event is the perfect opportunity for all of us to remember and honor our many heroes. Consider celebrating someone you know or admire by buying a flag to fly at the Healing Field of Honor. 

Location: Handley High School ~ 425 Handley Blvd. and Valley Ave., Winchester, Virginia 22601

The display is open to all free of charge 24/7.

Key Dates:

Thursday, May 23rd, Opening Ceremony 6:00-7:00P

Monday, May 27th, Closing Ceremony 3:00-4:00P

Information Booth Hours: TBA

TO PURCHASE A FLAG, click here.

TO BECOME A SPONSOR, click here.

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