Baby Has Never Seen His Mom Before, Then She Records As She Gives Him Glasses For The First Time

It can be easy to take our senses for granted. How could it not, when, for most of us, they come so naturally? They’re so expected, it can be hard to remember how amazing our senses make life.

As a person with pretty good vision, I can only imagine what life would be like to have to wear glasses, or to have some kind of limitation to my eyesight. Everything is so clear to me, so it’s hard to imagine seeing things in a less-than-perfect way. Which is why a video like the one below tugs at my heartstrings so much. In it, a baby sees his mom clearly for the first time, and his reaction is nothing short of beautiful.

A mom in Denmark decided to record her baby boy to document the first time he ever wore glasses.

The video begins with her placing the glasses on his little face, and the change is almost instant.

- Mauricio Castillo,