Why Become a Chris & Rosie Miracle Maker?

Why Become a Chris & Rosie Miracle Maker?

Your contribution will make a difference in the lives of children – not just here and now, but in other countries and in the future.

Children’s National is one of the premier institutions focusing on pediatric treatment, research, and education. Our efforts not only benefited the children we treat directly, but also create a base of knowledge and expertise that other healthcare providers rely on for their most serious cases. Support from our donors ensures that this base will continue to grow and reach even more children in the years to come. When you give to Children's National, you:

  • Give more kids a chance for a healthy life through innovative therapies.
  • Invest in new therapies and cures for childhood diseases.
  • Ensure that every child in our area can receive the same level of care, regardless of their family's ability to pay.

With Children's National being a home for families that are staying with their child at the Hospital. You pledge of just 66 cents per day helps:

  • Buy special micro-premiere diapers for babies who weigh two pounds of less.
  • Children's scissors for art therapy projects.
  • Light Spinners for distractions during procedures that require IV or shots
  • Sensory balls for infants for developmental stimulation
  • Specialized pacifiers for babies in the NICU.
  • Building blocks for children receiving infusions and treatments.
  • Markers and crayons to help children deal with emotions and feelings through art therapy.
  • A Kindle for Children confined to hospital rooms to make their learning about their medical conditions more interactive and fun.
  • Books for parents to read to their children while sitting in the waiting room.
  • Uno cards to entertain the kids that are stuck in their rooms. (Uno is the most popular game in the hospital)