Dad Is Walking The Bride Down The Aisle When He Says "I'll Be Back" And Bolts Away...

Brittany spent most of her life split between two men.  Those men are her stepfather and birth father.  

Her birth father, Todd Bachman, and her mother got divorced when she was 6 years old. Her mother remarried a man named Todd Cendrosky.  Bachman and Cendrosky did not like each other, but they both loved Brittany.  

In 2015, Brittany was preparing her wedding and knew she had a tough decision to make.  Who would walk her down the aisle?

Eventually, she chose her birth father, but on the wedding day things didn't turn out the way she planned.  As Bachman was walking her down the aisle, something came over him.  He took off and went straight into the crowd of people.